Bodyguard Turkey

Bodyguard Turkey

We provide personal protection and security services all over Turkey and the Middle East. We do a security risk analysis and we make electronic insect search, We provide detailed security protection and insect search service. Your investments in factories in Turkey are safe with the Altay Security Company.

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Security Experts, You Can Rely On

As a private person, family, company, foundation, or family Office who lives in Turkey or visiting Turkey, you are looking for qualified personnel to set up personal protection, bodyguard, or a well-trained driver with enough expertise and experience? We support you with our experience and service all over the world. Discreet, professional and 100% anonymized.

All possible candidates are verified security experts/bodyguards and are specifically acquired from the pool of our national and international networks. All candidates that we present to our customers as part of a recruiting process are known to us personally, handpicked, and have an excellent vita and impeccable reputation.

Alternatively, would you like to commission bodyguard services either on a case-by-case basis or holistically to an external, experienced specialist provider or even set up a service company together with the security provider that serves your highly personal protection interests? In this case, too, we are the right, competent contact for your highly confidential project.

Discreetly and professionally, we put the team together for you based on your specifications at almost any location in the world.

Protective Measures at the Highest Level

Every collaboration is based on an individual security concept that takes all eventualities into account. In addition to Bodyguard services in Turkey, we also include aspects that make our approach a holistic concept.

Such as the establishment of a safe room, the use of specially protected vehicles, or special training for protected persons and their immediate, personal environment. All private security employees we use are always at the highest level of training.

What does direct Personal Protection mean?

Direct personal protection is the close and escort protection of the protected person in all phases of mobility at home and abroad. This means all operational measures in the immediate area of the protected person, to be able to react as quickly as possible to impending dangers and to guide the protected person unharmed out of the danger area. This is done through a responsive and coordinated approach by the bodyguard.

The bodyguard must always be visible to the protector and within arm’s reach so that close contact is unavoidable. To balance it out, the following applies – as close as necessary, as far as possible. The perceptible presence of direct personal protection can be differentiated between high and low profile.

The high profile serves to deter the perpetrators through the obviously demonstrated protective measures. The low profile approach is characterized by the most inconspicuous accompaniment of the protected person, which means that their privacy is less affected. Besides, exposure in public spaces is reduced and is, therefore, less recognized as a potential target.

Our Presence

We continue to serve successfully in many parts of the world, especially Turkey. Our aim to provide the best security service, which we have adopted since the day we were founded, drives us forward today. If you want to provide good protection for yourself and your loved ones, contact us now.