Istanbul Bodyguard


We provide personal protection services all over Turkey. We do risk analysis, electronic insect search, detailed security service. Your investments in Turkey are safe with the  Altay Security company.

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Personal Protection

The Altay Security guarantees individual escort and personal protection for individuals and groups, as well as for families with special security needs.

The aim of our professional İstanbul Bodyguard Service is the defense against potential dangers and the avoidance of attacks against life or the freedom of action and movement of our clients.

The Portfolio of our İstanbul Bodyguard Services offer includes:

  • Escort
  • Preliminary reconnaissance
  • Prevention and de-escalation
  • Driving services and chauffeur service
  • Extended property protection measures
  • Travel management

The professional personal protection we offer is characterized above all by maximum efficiency, precise and conscientious preparation, and the highest level of discretion. We operate internationally and in multiple languages with male and, increasingly, female bodyguards.

Our highly qualified bodyguards guarantee individual security and support in national and international operations including İstanbul. In this demanding service segment, what is feasible is defined by the legal requirements of those countries in which we provide our services to our clients.

Our complex protection concepts guarantee the highest level of personal security with the least possible impairment of your privacy.

  • Indirect personal protection, educational measures, and escort protection
  • Early detection of threats to people and objects to prevent criminal offenses
  • In the event of a specific risk situation, the direct accompaniment of the protected person (s)
  • Immediate intervention/reaction in the event of suspicious perceptions and the event of an alarm
  • Property protection measures
  • Houseguarding (preventive measure for property security) e.g. during vacation, school, or business trips

Our employees are former members of security agencies such as the police, military, and intelligence services and offer inconspicuous and effective protection.


  • Discreet, covert reconnaissance to identify preparatory actions for criminal offenses at an early stage

Security Analysis

  • Analysis of vulnerabilities/threat scenarios
  • Assessment of personal risks
  • Analysis of the routine routes
  • Object auditing of the relevant residential property
  • Review of technical property security
  • Screening using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) / Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) to determine the potential risk

Contingency Plans and Emergency Measures;

  • Creation and regular updating of a contingency plan
  • Personal security dossiers including forensic examinations (e.g. DNA analyzes, voice and written samples, etc.)
  • 365 days of crisis hotline for security-relevant emergencies
  • Safety training
  • Behavioral and safety training (practice-related, country and topic-specific)
  • Awareness training and awareness training, also for adolescents
  • International security
  • Leverage the worldwide Result Group network of security experts
  • Use of the country database with security ratings when traveling


Istanbul Bodyguard